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August 2, 2013

Thoughts from the sports desk

By Aaron Kirchoff Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — I guess even if you are the No. 1 golfer in the world, you can still watch and learn. Tiger Woods played a practice round at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, N.Y. and was critical of the speed of the greens.

After his round, he complained about the greens speed only running 9 on the Stimpmeter. Many times, especially in majors, the greens roll 12 or 13…much faster than the Oak Hill greens were running.

The PGA Championship is next week and the grounds crew said they have not mowed the greens yet, so conditions that Tiger was playing under was not what he will see next week.

I just think he was trying to take after “Lefty” with his comments. Remember at the British Open, Phil Mickelson was very critical of the pit placements at Muirfield. Mickelson was obviously not happy with the pins after the first round. After the final round, he was just fine as he hoisted the Claret Jug as the winner of the British Open.

With a long drought between wins in a major, maybe Tiger is just trying out Mickelson’s technique. Couldn’t hurt, it’s been a long drought for Mr. Woods at the majors.

A-Rod and the Yankees

The looming suspension of Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez is all over the media outlets. When is he going to be suspended? How long will the suspension be? Will he fight it?

All will be answered shortly, but I don’t think the Yankees are too worried about it. After all, if A-Rod is suspended for next season, the Yankees will not have to pay his $25 million salary. That will definitely cut down the pay roll and probably get the Yankees out of some of the luxury tax they are paying with such a high pay roll.

I think the Yankees see the $25 million savings as being more productive than have No. 13 playing third base.

I don’t like it. I think it is a way out (a loop hole) for the Yankees to get their spending under control with no real penalty. They are already playing without A-Rod, so they might as well take advantage of the savings.

Slowing Chip

Some NFL reports have referees looking at slowing the pace at which Chip Kelly will run his offense with the Eagles. Kelly made his fast-paced offensive approach a success at Oregon.

Kelly said he understands the NFL rules and will abide by them and is even looking forward to playing with in them. I think he will still try to “fast break.” Any coach wants to take advantage of the defense not being ready. Peyton Manning is famous for this.

I find the end of the first half or end of the game actions by most referees more irritating than pushing the pace offensively by the coach. After most plays, the officials get the ball back and spotted in a reasonable time, but in the final minutes of each half, they hustle the ball back. Why is it okay then?

Play fast or play slow, I’m just ready for some football!

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