Rushville Republican

November 8, 2013

St. Mary Catholic School 1st grading period

2013-2014 school year Honor Awards

Rushville Republican

---- — Grade 6 Mrs. Michelle Means

High Honors 96% and higher - Aria Meo

Honor Roll 86% and higher - Ereena Moore, Macy Hoeing, Jonathan Ordas

Effort Award - Megan Adkins, Morgan Adkins, Isabella Runnebohm, Arie English

Perfect Attendance - Arie English, Jonathan Ordas, Megan Adkins, Morgan Adkins

Grade 5 Mr. Adam Mauer

Honorable Mention 86% and higher - Coltin Vaughn, Abby Herbert, Devan Draper

Effort Award - Anthony Spaeth, Alexis Fenimore, Hunter Norris, Skye Clifton, Lily Yager, Wesley Dean, Shaun Fudge, Michael Fudge, Jana Orrell

Perfect Attendance – Coltin Vaughn and Alexis Fenimore

Grade 4 Miss Hattie Isenberg

Honorable Mention 86% and higher - Savannah Westphal

Effort Award - Sophie Wesling, McKaylee Hampton

Perfect Attendance - Sophie Wesling, McKaylee Hampton

Grade 3 Miss Emily Mauer

High Honors 96% and higher - Jacob Hampton

Honorable Mention 86% and higher - Cole Inman, Sofia Kemple

Effort Award - Jade Edwards, Nicholas Hoeing, Araceli Leon, Tyler Spaeth, Logan Tressler, Jesus Leon, William Rich

Perfect Attendance – Jacob Hampton, Nicholas Hoeing, Araceli Leon, Benjamin Means

Grade 2 Mrs. Melissa Cull

High Honors 96% and higher - Ella Connolly, Evan Moore, Gabby Pavey, Katie Ripberger

Honorable Mention 86% and higher - Olivia Cain, Delaney Draper, Bella Lawyer, Cecilia Meo, Lalo Quintana, Libby Rigdon, Lucas Vaughn, Claire Waits, Isabell Westphal

Effort Award – Hali Keller

Perfect Attendance - Ella Connolly, Hali Keller, Evan Moore, Lalo Quintana, Katie Ripberger, Lucas Vaughn

Grade 1 Mrs. Cindy Dougherty

Perfect Attendance – Zach Tressler, Brooke Means, Jose Leon

Kindergarten Miss Jill Kuntz

Perfect Attendance – Brooklyn Keller, Gianni Caruso, Noah Lee, Carly Senour