Rushville Republican

September 27, 2013

Inspector Iwannano

Marianne Scott Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Forget Scotland Yard with their high tech investigation techniques! Inspector Iwannano came to town with a different kind of mystery to be solved. Rushville Elementary East and West (K, Grades 1 and 2) were up to the challenge as the Inspector (aka Robert Pirtle) relied on their help and assistance to help solve character clues.

Inspector Iwannano, delivered a strong message with his comedy-packed, magic-filled program. Students learned to “focus on my actions” because actions show character. Inspector Iwannano involved everyone (including teachers) in the mystery as they tried to uncover certain “character clues” that are aspects of a good character. The character traits covered were: respect, trustworthiness, care, responsibility, fairness, and good citizenship.

To help Inspector Iwannano deliver his message, he was aided by a wide array of extraordinary props and gadgets, each one is a unique magic trick in disguise. A special magnifying glass, a talking cartoon drawing, a contraption that creates an American flag and even a trust building game show called Egg Head were some of the exciting adventures our students experienced. We even found Inspector Iwannano accompanying his message with his own music via kazoo.

Before we knew it all of the clues had been revealed and the mystery was solved. Hey we would tell you what the final mystery was, but we suggest asking someone from Kindergarten or grades 1 and 2. They’ll be glad to share the mystery with you.

Marianne Scott is the Legacy Fund director/Information officer with Rush County Schools/