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September 27, 2013

College Go Week

Marianne Scott Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — How does $1 million sound? Pretty good, right? Word has it that someone with a college degree will earn, on average, $1 million more over a lifetime than someone with only a high school diploma! RCHS students are being encouraged (especially this week) to “get in the game” and start planning for some college visits. You can visit to get tips on what you can be doing now plus students can enter to win $529 for college. Not a bad game plan!

Freshman you need to complete your graduation plans now and start checking on higher education as a viable plan - NOT just an option. College admission requirements can be compared at and when clicking on “apply to college” they can get more details for their game plan.

Sophomores – by the time you graduate, nearly two-thirds of new jobs will require a college degree. A quick quiz at will help them get a handle on what you’re good at and add to your game plan.

Juniors are getting close and need to start making some college visits. To get a good grasp on the schools you’re looking at, talk with a current and past student for their take about their college experience. Make a list of questions and it’s OK to ask the hard questions now (really!).

Seniors – by now your game plan should be in full swing. If it isn’t, there’s still time to make it happen. But you’ve got to act now. You can find a list of colleges and fee waivers at under “apply to college.” And don’t forget there are lots of resources at RCHS to help plan for the future and help you score big. Never for one minute believe that college is out of reach. There are ways to make it happen – just check with your RCHS Guidance Department now.

As part of our College GO week there will be a series of brief interviews/discussions offered with some of our staff and community members. The following people will be interviewed by RUSH TV.

Monday 10:20 a.m.Paul Barada Sr.

Tuesday 10:20 a.m. Ken Stanley

Wednesday 8:15 a.m. Justin Orme

Thursday 10:20 a.m. Jule Connolly

Friday 10:20 a.m. Karen Brashaber

Marianne Scott is the Legacy Fund director/Information officer with Rush County Schools.