Rushville Republican

November 12, 2012

Captain Ca$h sails into RESW

Marianne Scott
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — It’s not every day a Sea Capitan shows up at Rushville Elementary School West! However, such would be the case in Mr. Jack St. Clair’s third grade class. This wasn’t just any Sea Captain! Oh no, this was the notorious “Capitan Ca$h” (Mrs. Gracie Marlatt), armed with map and ready for a financial voyage.

The “Captain Ca$sh” program (created by Purdue Extension) is designed to help promote an understanding of financial literacy, encourage students to save, guide students to spend less than they earn, and help students gain an understanding of what borrowing money means.

Under the guidance of “Captain Ca$h,” Mr. St. Clair’s class embarked on a four part voyage that entailed a visit to the islands of Earning, Saving, Spending, and Borrowing.  Each island introduced vocabulary words and one or more economic concept. Each island also included a game or activity and take-home handout. Along with learning basic financial concepts, students learned and practiced important life skills that foster self-sufficiency such as communication, decision-making, problem solving, managing resources, planning, and organizing.

What would an island voyage be without a secret message in a bottle? Each island visited revealed that secret message in a take-home saying: The Island of Earn – “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

The Island of Save - “Every payday, save some cash away.”

The Island of Spend – “There is an end to what you can spend.”

The Island of Borrow – “For a happy tomorrow, be wise when you borrow.”

As “Captain Ca$h” left RESW to explore other lands, the traveling party (class) received certificates of accomplishment for having successfully completed their voyage. The ship returned safely home and the lessons learned on those islands will surely find their way into piggy banks and the way we think about earning, saving, spending and borrowing.

– Rushville Republican