Rushville Republican

November 16, 2012

INTAT answers sponsorship call

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — In September, Rushville Elementary School East sought corporate sponsors to partner with in providing incentives for their students. These incentives are for those who are increasing their literacy levels through the Achieve 3000 and Raz-Kids programs. Mrs. Kellie Larrabee (Principal) is pleased to announce a corporate sponsor has stepped up in a big way and will be instrumental in providing the needed incentives for these programs. On November 2, Intat Precision Inc. delivered a check in the amount of $1,000 for this specific cause. “We are so pleased that Intat believes in the success of our students and chose to support them in this most generous way,” stated Larrabee.

Both programs are vitally important to the implementation of The Common Core Standards adopted by Rush County Schools. These standards provide a clear and consistent framework to prepare our students for college and the workforce. Common Core Standards define the knowledge and skills students should have within their K-12 education careers so that they will graduate high school able to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing academic college courses and in workforce training programs.

Students in Kindergarten through second grade will be using the Raz Kids program. This web based program, geared toward practicing reader fluency and comprehension, adjusts to class and individual reading levels based on ability. Students in grades three through six will be utilizing the Achieve 3000 program. This web based program not only reaches every class, but can also be tailored to each student’s reading level. The Achieve 3000 program takes a more scientific approach by measuring each student’s reading ability with a specific scale. Both programs are one of the ways Rush County School is working to increase reading levels.

Mrs. Larrabee stated, “Our plan is to build a program that will allow us to provide incentives to students who are increasing their literacy levels through the use of these two programs.  Incentives might include daily rewards for Achieve or Raz Bucks that students could be redeemed at the end of each nine weeks. The incentive program will also recognize daily top scorers and students of the month (based on the usage of the two programs). Daily top scorers and students of the month will earn entries into the quarterly drawing for perhaps a Nook or Kindle. We look forward to rewarding our students for their successes in these programs and thank Intat Precision Inc. for their generosity in making this possible.”