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July 19, 2013

The very beginning (again) . . .

RCHS Roaring Mentors Program

Marianne Scott Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — For the Rushville Consolidated High School Class of 2013, being a “Freshman” seems like eons ago! However, most of that group can still recall what the first day of High School felt like. They navigated the halls trying to find their way around and learned how not to panic when they drew a complete blank trying to recall their locker number. As they pack for college, head to basic training or move into new jobs, another group is making plans for their entry into RCHS . . . it’s the Class of 2017. Some of these same jitters will return with this group. However, a program is in place to help aleve a few unsettling moments. It’s called the RCHS Roaring Mentors Program.

The RCHS Roaring Mentors Program, started by Rush County Schools assistant superintendent Matt Vance, made its debut three years ago and continues to be a great way for freshman and upper classman to join forces. “The goal of this program is to assign each freshman an upper classman with whom they can build a line of communication and assistance as needed,” stated Mr. Rob Hadley, RCHS principal.

The Mentors for this program are dedicated to its purpose and concentrate on assistance and communication especially during the first semester of High School. They not only help ease the transition process but also discuss such topics as attendance, homework, agenda use and freedom. For them every question is a good question from “what if I can’t get my locker open” to “I’m not good in math – can I get extra help?”

Approximately 50 Mentors will meet with incoming Freshman on Wednesday, July 31. They’ll start at 5:00 p.m. in the RCHS Cafeteria with general information and meet their students. Next they’ll share dinner (5:30 p.m.) and then move into classroom navigation and locker location. Parents will join their Freshman at 7:00 p.m. in Laughlin Center for a variety of information to help all have a successful start to the school year.

The RCHS Roaring Mentors commitment to this program does not end on July 31. Each mentor has made a time commitment that entails meeting with their Freshman at least twice a week through October. In addition they are available to assist whenever needed. The theme at RCHS holds true – “Excellence is our Expectation” from the first day of high school till you wear a cap and gown.

Welcome Class of 2017. We have a feeling you’ll make RCHS “a great place to be.”

Marianne Scott is the Legacy Fund director/Information officer with Rush County Schools.