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October 15, 2013

RESW wins Spell Bowl

By Marianne Scott Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Milroy Elementary School hosted the annual Spell Bowl Competition on Oct. 3, 2013. North Decatur, Arlington Elementary School, Milroy Elementary School, Rushville Elementary School East, Rushville Elementary School West, and Mays Elementary School were this year’s participants.

A Spell Bowl functions a bit differently than just the individual person stepping up to spell a word. So, here’s a bit of Spell Bow rules and regulations. The Spell Bowl competition is made up of eight rounds with a different team member competing in each round. Each round consists of seven words. Words for this competition come from lists published on the Indiana Association of School Principals web site. Word lists rotate annually.

Teams are composed of eight members. Eight other team members may be used as alternates. There is no limit as to how many students may come from any one grade level. However, a student can participate in only one round. All full-time students in grades 4-5-6 are eligible to compete. Within these constraints, schools may select their teams in any manner and with any additional criteria they choose.

The Spell Bowl competition (eight rounds) consists of seven words per round. These words were read by emcee Linda Winkler. After the emcee finished the pronunciation, sentence, pronunciation and stated, “Begin”, each participant was given twenty seconds to write the word in the correct space on the answer sheet. At the conclusion of the time allowed for spelling, words were scored before going on to the next word. The team with the highest number of correctly spelled words at the end of the completed rounds was declared the winner.

This year’s winner with 31 words spelled correctly is Rushville Elementary School West under the leadership of Brandi Hewitt. Congratulations to the Warriors on a job well done!

Marianne Scott is the Legacy Fund director/Information officer with Rush County Schools.