Rushville Republican

June 18, 2013

After The Kids Are Gone . . .

Marianne Scott
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The test scores are in, desks are cleaned out, good byes have been said and the Rush County Schools sit silent for the next couple of months – right? Well let’s just say the daily routine has changed a great deal.

Custodians/maintenance personnel are often asked, “what are you going to do this summer with all of the kids gone?” The assumption is that once the school is over, days of leisure overtake us all. Not so! These non-school days afford personnel the opportunity to do much needed heavy cleaning, moving, painting and maintenance that would be difficult to do during the “normal” school year.

The minute the last school bell rings, a well-crafted list of jobs is started all in preparation for the 2013-2014 school year. All school furniture is washed down, carpets are cleaned, floors are stripped – waxed - buffed, and vast arrays of maintenance are begun. That’s just inside our school buildings. Add to that the many aspects of grounds upkeep and you begin to get the picture of what’s going on during summer vacation.

Outside of summer school, most classrooms are silent, but your Rush County Schools are very much alive with their behind the scenes work.

Marianne Scott is the Legacy Fund director/Information officer with Rush County Schools