Rushville Republican

December 6, 2013

Milroy Elementary receives MAC Grant

By Marianne Scott Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — The goal of the McDonald’s MAC Grant is to “Make Activities Count for your students.” Sponsored by local McDonald’s Restaurants of Central Indiana, MAC Grants provide up to $500 for meaningful, hands-on activities to enhance the learning process for students.

For Mrs. Christin Nicholls (Special Education – Milroy Elementary School), the MAC Grant has been a great opportunity to bring more life-like experiences into the classroom with the use of an I-Pad.

“As a Special Education Teacher, it is very important for me to provide students with real-life experiences and skills that they will need to be inde-pendent adults. With an I-Pad I will be able to create some of these experiences for the students. There are apps that will turn the screen into a cash register to provide shopping and work experiences. I have also found apps that deal with cooking and working with others. The items purchased with this grant will allow my students to gain experiences that cannot be provided at this time,” Mrs. Nicholls said.

She along with a multitude of teachers across the state applied for this grant hoping to secure funds for their classes. In November, she was notified that her grant request of $477.36 had been awarded for her class room project. This is a great addition to her class and now practice experiences for the real world are just a click away.

Milroy and the MAC Grant – just one more reason why Rush County Schools are a great place to be.