Rushville Republican

November 22, 2013

Hat Day adds to vocabulary at Arlington

By Marianne Scott Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — The Arlington Elementary kindergarten, first grade and second grade classes participated in a new and exciting learning activity designed to enrich their vocabularies.

Take a new word, add a hat and what you have are new words finding their way onto visors, caps, sombreros and cowboy hats. On the afternoon of Oct. 31, the students gathered to display their imaginative creations in the Media Center for a parade. Each student’s head was adorned with a hat displaying the interpreted meaning of a demanding new vocabulary word. Some of those words included scarlet, gold, chestnut, abrasive and luminous.

The kindergartners marched through the room displaying their assigned Color Words. Various shades of every color in the spectrum were exhibited in a multitude of ways. First graders joined the marched with heads draped with Vivacious Verbs and second graders with Audacious Adjectives.

“Learning new vocabulary words is beneficial in so many ways. The experience helps with the comprehension of text, enhances the choice of words in writing compositions, and allows for a deeper text-to-self connection,” stated Julia Innis, Principal Arlington Elementary School. The Arlington Wildcats were proud to face the challenge of learning new words and are excited to share their gained knowledge. Each hat was displayed in the Media Center to share the words with others.

You may think learning new words is just a student project. However the Wildcats remind everyone that adults can continue to enhance their word power by learning a new too. Crossword puzzles are a great way to keep the mind sharp and aware of new words. Or you can go to on line at to review the word of the day.