Rushville Republican

March 29, 2013

RCS strives for energy efficiency at all levels

Marianne Scott
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Since last summer all Rush County Schools embarked on a new course of action for current and future energy consumption.

A road map was put into place designed to touch on all facets of energy saving.

Under the guidance of Tom Simpson (Energy Education Specialist), Rush County Schools is beginning to see the results of flipping off a switch. Simpson cited, “Each building is assessed on a weekly basis. Four of our buildings are leading the way in their efforts to be energy efficient. For the months of May through November 2012 we have realized a savings of 12.9 percent, or $47,308.”  

Teachers and administrators have been great about making sure lights, computers, monitors, etc. are turned off at the end of the day. However, we have one building that has reached 100 percent compliance in their efforts to energy efficient. These honors go to Mays Elementary School.

“We are so proud of our school as we become energy aware and efficient. This has been joint effort between teachers and students. They have been great support for each other in these efforts and can certainly take pride in this achievement,” stated Nancy Schroeder, principal.

A plate of “100%” cookies were delivered to Mays as a way to celebrate this goal.

The Report Card on Energy Savings for Rush County Schools continues to be very good. We are not only saving dollars but are also realizing some substantial environmental benefits. Since implementation we have saved over 390,140 kilowatt hours of electricity and 10,957 Therms of natural gas.  These savings would compare to:

Preventing the emission of 327 Metric Tons of CO2 or removing 59 automobiles for an entire year or the restoration of 8,371 tree seedlings planted and grown for 10 years.