Rushville Republican

December 20, 2013

Blake 2026 teams up with Nate 2014

By Marianne Scott Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Two very unlikely guys joined forces in art class as Blake Wood and Nate Hoeing took on the task of drawing pumpkins. And how did this drawing duo take place? Well, a few mornings a week you’ll find Nate Hoeing making his way to Rushville Elementary School East to join the kindergarten class of Mrs. Carla Angle (kindergarten teacher) and Mrs. Clara Dwenger (kindergarten aid). As a senior at RCHS, the Cadet Teaching Program affords him the opportunity to be a part of a classroom and experience all aspects of teaching at the kindergarten Level.

The Cadet Teaching Program, under the direction of Ms. Megan Hearne (RCHS Spanish Teacher), is truly a great program designed to give seniors a deep dive into the world of teaching. Students who participate in this program get to select the teacher they’d like to work with. They complete a daily report, keep a weekly journal, and do a self-evaluation at the end of the semester. Further they receive feedback as well as their grade from the teacher(s) they have worked with.

“This is such a great way to start the day. It is a real pleasure to work with Mrs. Angle and Mrs. Dwenger. Mrs. Larrabee (Principal at RESE) has also been so supportive of my efforts with the kindergarten class. My time with their class is spent filling in wherever they need me as well as attending their special classes such as art and PE. I love working with these kids and know I will miss each and every one of them at the end of the year,” Hoeing said.

Plans for next year include majoring in Biology/Chemistry and minoring in Spanish. However, we are certain Nate will always be welcome to join this class as well as reconnect with the Class of 2026.