Rushville Republican

October 5, 2012

Angel, The Church Mouse

Aaron Kirchoff
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Hi, all you kind folks in Readership Land,

I trust that some of you found out about David’s use of the water his friends brought him. Need a refresher? Please go to the paper’s website for Aug. 25. Use “your” mouse and click Church to find me, Angel The Church Mouse!

“Tee-Hee,” that’s kinda funny - mouse-click--ah-hem, seriously.

“Mercy,” let’s go searching again!

Are you ready for some more searching in the Good Book?

Please go to Psalm 119:34 and find out who said, “Give me understanding and I shall keep the law.” This man wrote one of the books most read in the Good Book.

Until the next time.


Angel The Church Mouse