Rushville Republican

June 18, 2013

Angel, The Church Mouse

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Hi, all you kind folks in Readership Land.

Mercy! My toes are still tapping from the RCHS Choral and Band music of last fall and winter, plus this spring! What talented young people in Rush County.

Now, if you listen real close in the evenings you will hear singing, shouts, hands clapping, and feet stomping. Yes, “VBS” (Vacation Bible School) is all around us. Praise The Lord. Along with VBS and learning about the “B-i-b-l-e,” there are cookies.

In my scrampin’ about  I came across a hymn that Charles Wesley (1707-1788) wrote, “Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee.“ It made me think of how little ones reach their arms and hands up for someone to pick them up. Perhaps they’ve had a fall and need assured all is okay. By day's end their little legs need help to be tucked into bed for their prayers.

See if you agree that our Heavenly Father is the best father for us all. The first verse goes, “Father, I stretch my hands to Thee; No other help I know; If Thou withdraw Thyself from me, Ah, whither shall I go?”

Happy Father’s Day. When you hold that little one, remember those fathers who are not home due to serving their country for your freedom.

“Train up a child in the way he/she should go. And when he/she is old he/she will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22: 6

Until the next time.


Angel The Church Mouse