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December 21, 2012

Angel The Church Mouse 122112

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Hi, all you kind folks in Readership Land,

May all recall the true reason for celebrating Christmas. Churches proclaim a baby’s birth with hymns and programs (bless those youngin’s directors and parents.) It is “The most beautiful time of the year,” where there is to be “Peace on Earth and goodwill towards all.”

In my scrampin’ about with all the smells of “cookies” (YES!) and cocoa in steamin’ mugs, I hear “music-music!” How many of you ever heard Johnny Cash speak, in that one of a kind voice, “The Christmas Guest?” (1980). You can go to Whew!, that was some doin’ on my keyboard ! The followin’ condensed version will give you a little insight to the message.

Theres this ol’feller, Conrad, who has a dream of The Lord sayin’, “I’m coming your guest to be.” (Christmas Day) Conrad has been wantin’ to see his Lord’s face for some time and went about makin’ his humble shop welcome for his Christmas guest.

Hearin’ a sound he runs to his window. He sees only a shabby beggar, on the snow covered ground, with torn shoes and ragged clothes. Conrad is touched and opens his door, givin’ the beggar shoes and a coat to keep him warmer.

Conrad notices the time of the day and wonders where the Lord is. He hears a knock and runs to the door only to find a bent ol’ lady with shawl and a bundle of kindlin’ on her back. She asks only to rest.

Now, that place was for Conrad’s great guest! Yet, he brews her a steamin’ cup and has her sit at the table. After she has left he sees the hours are slippin’ away.

Now, Conrad thinks he misunderstood the Lords word. He hears a cry, “Please help me and tell me where am I.” Again, he opens his door and was twice before. It was only a child and lost from her family. Again, Conrad calls for the child to come in and he wipes her tears and quiets her fears and takes her to her home.

As Conrad enters his darken door he knows the Lord was not comin’, as Christmas has passed away. So, he goes into his room and kneels to pray, “Dear Lord, why did you delay? What kept You from comin’ to call on me? For I wanted so much your face to see.”

In the silence Conrad hears a voice.....”Lift up your head, for I kept my word. Three times my shadow crossed your floor and three times I came to your lonely door.”

Kind folks, you know there was a beggar, a woman and a child.

The Lord tells Conrad, “I knocked three times and three times I came in finding warmth of a friend. Of all the gifts love is the best (found in I Cor. 13:13). I was honored to be your

Christmas guest.”

Until the next time.


Angel The Church Mouse

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