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October 29, 2012

Angel, The Church Mouse 102612

RUSHVILLE — Hi, All you kind folks in Readership Land.

Mercy! Music continues in Rush County. The talent remains in various places and sometimes surprises you.

Do not forget to entertain  strangers for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

Hebrews 13:2 NKJV  Or, a little church mouse.

Folks, Lately I've seen l-i-o-n-s! Shiver me whiskers, ooohhh.

Back in the spring, I heard a song, "Circle of Life," at the RCHS Pops Concert (Those young people are Grrr-reat.) Now, we know that song was in a movie about..lions.

Then, this past hot, hot summer, the cast of Brier Patch spoke of lions among laughter and running around on stage. Mercy! Those youngins’ are talented, I might add, made you forget that it was so hot outside.

My next toe tapping was at a folk music presentation by a nice feller who lives right here in Rush County! There was one instrument I liked, it was called a psaltery. This string instrument is mentioned in Daniel 3:10. He didn’t mentioned lions that are found in Daniel 6:16-22 when Daniel is in the lion’s den. I’m glad of that.

Now, my last toe tapping, was a repeat of last year and the ladies I’m talking about live right here in Rush County as well. They are,”One Voice.” You are blessed when hearing these ladies lift their voices as

one. A-men.

Oh, those lions I’ve seen....They don’t move, they just sit there. GOOD. WHEW! My whiskers can be still for now.

Until the next time.


Angel The Church Mouse


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