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April 18, 2012

Cooks Corner: Grilling tips & recipes


RUSHVILLE — We've talked about beef steaks now let's turn our attention elsewhere. One of the first things that come to mind,what little I have left, is grilled smoked pork chops. There isn't much to do to them but throw them on a hot grill, cook them a few minutes on each sideand run over anyone that gets in the way of eating them. Just kidding of course but the point being is that along with some grilled veggies they are darn sure hard to beat. While in the pork family don't forget pork steaks, ham steaksand another of my favorites is pork sirloin. With a net wrapped pork sirloin just cut the netting off and divide into steaks. Being more reddish in color than a pork loin I feel that when grilled it retains more moisture and had a deeper pork flavor that the loin. I prefer sirloins when making pulled pork, but that is another subject.

There are so many different kinds of meat you can use for just grilling and a little marinade, it would be hard to list them all. Grilled chicken breasts, lamb chops, fish, shrimp and then there are the ka-bobs. For the purpose of this column we will discuss the ka-bobs later as I feel that the time and space they deserve is a bit much for one writing.

Don't be afraid to use marinades with meat you are going to grill. There are quite a number of them available at your local grocery of you can develop your own to suit your particular tastes. Some marinades you will allow the meat to rest in for just a few minutes while others may be for 2 or 3 days. The time allowed for marinating is primarily determined by the strength of flavor of the meat. The stronger the flavor the longer to marinate. Also remember the the marinade is an enhancement to the meat and not dominating flavor.

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