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November 22, 2013

Library expansion proposal heard

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — The Rushville City Council met earlier this week and during a public meeting portion of the meeting, received a proposal for the Rushville Public Library expansion project. Municipal Programs Manager Deb Lilly of Administrative Resources Associates was first to speak to the city leaders and introduced Matthew Mayol of the Architect firm Odle McGuire & Shook.

The firm was responsible for the original Rushville library that currently stands at 130 West Third Street. According to Mayol, the expansion project would make the local library roughly the same size as libraries in communities comparable to Rushville. His firm offered two proposals, a full expansion for $7,125,000.00 or a phase project improvement that would include a non-finished portion of the project for $5,116,000.00.

In both proposals, the expansion would increase the square footage of the facility to roughly 23,000 feet.

Members of the locally library board were on hand and told the city leaders that at an earlier library board meeting members overwhelmingly approved the proposals.

“We want it (the library) to be a community hub,” one library board member said.

A number of questions were raised by city council members many centering on funding the project. It was learned that there are possible grants available; however, they would not fund the entire project.

“Funding is the major stumbling block. We need to look at a number of options,” council member Brian Sheehan said.

He and other council members agreed that it may take a number of concessions by both the county and the city to make the project a reality. Following the lengthy discussion, the council took the matter under advisement and will revisit the matter at a future meeting.

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