Rushville Republican

August 30, 2013

Rotary hears about "Doolittle's Raid"

Rushville Republican

---- — The Rushville Rotary Club met Aug. 27 in the conference center at Rush Memorial Hospital.

Nancy Rice, filling in for president Jan Dimick, called the meeting to order. Paul Barada led the Pledge of Allegiance and Kevin Snyder provided an opening prayer.

Paul was also the Mystery Person and gave the free lunch to Dr. John Williams.

Matt Vance was welcomed as a visitor and prospective member of the club.

Rice was randomly selected to Hunt for the Queen. She didn’t find the prize card, so the jackpot rolls over to next week.

Debbie Leisure was in charge of Brag for a Buck. Those doing so included Paul Jr. on the Lions’ recent win over E.C. and Debbie on plans for an upcoming trip to England.

Paul Jr. was feeling generous with respect to his duties as Sergeant-At-Arms and waived any real or imagined infractions that may have been suspected or in evidence.

Paul Jr. was also the program chair for the week and following lunch introduced his guests, Jim Orr and Charlie Hughes.

Orr shared information about a daring military operation that took place in April of 1942 carried out by 16 specially-fitted B-25 airplanes.

“Doolittle’s Raid,” as the successful mission would later be called, was the first US strike against Japan following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The idea was to strike targets in Tokyo, thus elevating morale among US troops and citizens of the United States alike.

Orr brought World War II veteran Charlie Hughes with him. Hughes offered several insights and details to make Orr’s presentation even more accurate, authentic and entertaining.