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April 2, 2013

Extension Homemakers celebrate 100 years: Mixers Homemakers Club

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Extension Homemakers around the Hoosier state are celebrating 100 years of service. Each publication between now and the anniversary, April 7, 2013, we are featuring memories, stories and tributes to the many accomplishments and members involved throughout the years. Have you been a member or was a mother or grandmother a member in the past. Become involved again in making new memories by calling Gracie Marlatt at the Extension office at: 932-5974. The local celebration will begin at 2 p.m. April 7 at the Root Building at the Rush County Fairgrounds. Everyone is welcome.

Today, we’re pleased to shine the spotlight on Mixers Homemakers Club.

A group of young homemakers met at the home of Maxine Mann, March 14, 1952, to form a new home demonstration club. The name “Mixers” was suggested by Gladys Butler. One thing that made the Mixers different from most of the clubs was the fact that we would bring our children. The children looked forward to homemaker club day as much as the mothers. They formed lasting friendships at club. We have learned many things from the lessons given as well as from each other. For many years we had 100% of members exhibiting at the county fair. Several have exhibited at the state fair too. We also had window displays for homemaker’s week locally and at the state too. Member Barbara White as served as a County President. They celebrated their 60th anniversary last year at the Vintage Rose Café in Knightstown. They continue to make and stuff teddy bears and puppy Pillows for Riley Hospital.