Rushville Republican

December 18, 2012

A message to the community

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Dear Editor:

We begin this week with a heightened sense of safety and security for our students, parents and personnel. As we process what has taken place at Sandy Hook Elementary, we are keenly aware that their children and administrators are our children and administrators. Their loss and grief is our loss and grief. And so we talk, cry and cope in whatever way helps ease this senseless loss of life. Certainly, we will hug our kids, spouses and friends a bit tighter as they head back to school this day.

As we absorb the circumstances of these events, we urge you to be keenly aware that each of us processes this scenario in a variety of ways from crying to talking, writing, drawing, painting and withdrawal. Above all, be open and honest with your student(s), realizing that words and descriptions should be age appropriate. For smaller children, constant TV coverage might appear to be “new” to them every time they see this story. Your efforts in how much coverage they see will be beneficial.

Rest assured that Rush County Schools has been very proactive with their security measures. All schools are locked during school hours and entry is only accessible at a main entrance after visual and verbal confirmation. Video cameras assure added safety. All schools practice fire, tornado and intruder drills on a consistent basis and an Emergency Plan is in place.

“All Rush County Schools have been vigilant toward communication and preparation for a variety of emergency situations. Our teachers and administrators are keenly aware that the safety of all our students is paramount. Parents can take comfort in knowing we are a safe and great place to be,” stated RCS superintendent Dr. John Williams.

Marianne Scott

Legacy Fund Director/Information Officer, Rush County Schools