Rushville Republican

November 1, 2012

Presidential qualities

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Dear Editor:

I was stimulated by the letter and the column in the October 30 addition which questioned Romney’s qualifications for President of the United States. First let me say I respect anyone who is willing to put their thoughts in print. I have to admit I had considered voting for Mr. Romney prior to reading the letters, but what was I thinking? So what if he was a pastor and missionary? He could have been doing something more interesting like golfing or hanging out with the guys. What kind of a prudent person gives away 4 million dollars to charity in one year? He could have bought a sail boat or something fun with that money, but he gave it away just because he cares about people. What was he thinking? As for his business skills, with his resume he can get a job anywhere. With the job shortage we have, let’s give the President Job to someone who needs a job and would not other wise produce anything.

As far as Romney’s claim of experience running a state and putting the Olympics back in the black, no on said you have to be experienced to run a country. Look at the results we’ve had the last 4 years. We obviously don’t need to apply business theory to running our country; we are getting along just fine. Our grandkids can pay off the national debt; we deserve all we can get free from our government. After all, 17 trillion is not a big deal. Did my math teacher tell me once that was 17 thousand billion? So what! The Chinese have plenty of money to lend us. Pay off the national debt? What are we thinking?

Some are supporting Romney because of his moral values. He gets all hung up on things like traditional marriage and the widespread abortion of innocent babies. Hey, what about funding for Big Bird on PBS? What was he thinking? As for the other moral issues in our culture, if my grandkids don’t want to watch decadence and perversion on TV they can read a book. Ok, I know the Roman Empire failed because of this stuff but we are smarter, right?

In reference to the comments about Romney and his ability to command our military. What about that silly remark Romney made about a stronger military so we could be free and also promote freedom around the world. All we have to do is apologize to everyone we have helped and they will all love us and never harm us. What was he thinking?

The main thing I’m thinking right now is that we ought to vote in a manner that is selfless and consistent with the principles many of us say we have. Most of those principles are in that book I like to read at Church every Sunday, principles that have worked for a long time in this place we call America. In God we trust or, at least we used to.

Mike Hedrick