Rushville Republican

August 13, 2013

The best years of your life

Jean Mauzy
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — As people age they often look back to fondly recall the best years of their lives. Natural timeframes are the college years or that certain age before the daily grind of work and family take over the bulk of the day. Associations are to being carefree with limited responsibilities, a light and airy existence.

While it's great to look back in fond remembrance, it's sad to think that the best years of a person's life are never in the moment they currently live or of where they might be in the future. The mindset of feeling stuck in a rut has a way of taking the spotlight away from daily opportunities.

I believe it's never too late to have the best years of your life. Using a common reference of a person's life being like a book, the writing of a personal story continues throughout a lifetime. Making it a blockbuster means making each new chapter equally interesting or even more exciting than the one before. After all, when reading a book who wants the best at the beginning only for the remainder to be boring to the point there is no reason to keep reading.

Yes, many people get bored with the daily responsibilities but changing up the routines can turn the boredom around. If you think the best years of your life have passed you by, look back to discover why you really feel that way. If you felt that opportunities were endless, realize that opportunity still exists. If something in your current life troubles you, fix it so you can move on.

Age is merely a state of mind and so thinking you are too old to start anew will not do if you want to enjoy the best years of your life at any time. You are as young as you feel. The calendar years should not dictate what is best and what is mediocre in life, or what can and cannot be accomplished in a lifetime. 

This is your life so live it to the fullest. All grand expectations may not be met but you never know how far you will go if you don't first try. The journey's you take will be meaningful regardless and sometimes the mishaps that occur turn out to be the things most memorable and may lead to unexpected surprises.

My personal feeling is that many people look backward to recall a "best time of life" because it was a time where personal judgments were limited. We didn't really care as much how others judged us and likewise, we refrained from being so judgmental. As we age and form more relationships, we gain the risk of more opinion to our actions and of placing more opinion on the actions of others. These burdens of judgment come to and from our boss, our spouse, our co-workers, our neighbors, and so on. Before we know it, we totally conform to the way others want us to be and we place constraints of conformance on how we want others to be. For both reasons, we lose some of that light and airy feeling we once had. Hence, the best of times where we felt free of mind are gone.

Recapturing that sense of freedom can be accomplished and does not have to be that difficult. On your own time, you should be able to enjoy doing those things that make you feel young and free. As long as you are kind and respectful to others and not hurting anyone or breaking any laws you have the freedom to do those things that make life fun and enjoyable for you. Likewise, you must let others do the same if you really want to feel good about life.

Free the judgmental clutter against your own self and that of others. Light and carefree feelings of existence will return. The best years of life are when life is fun and enjoyable. The best years of life are yours to write. Start that new, and better, chapter today.