Rushville Republican

June 27, 2013

Asbestos awareness is an important topic

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Dear Editor:

My father, sister and husband all died because of asbestos. Now my brother has asbestosis. I set up my website because of the death of my husband to let people know of the dangers. It was the first website designed by a person on the internet at that time instead of by lawyers. The stories are to honour those effected by asbestos and to make sure they are never forgotten. I had just finished the last sentence when I heard of Janelle’s death.

Thought you might like to see it, Deidre

07_Greatest_Challenge: Janelle, what an amazing job you are doing making sure people know what asbestos does to a person. I am in awe of you. My husband died from mesothelioma in 1997 and I set up a website to show people what asbestos can do. I read the article in the news item and they had the write up titled Janelle’s Journey. It was so clear just what you were going through right up till you were diagnosed. Would you allow me to add it to my stories. I just need to know that people can read these stories and perhaps recognize what is happening to them and perhaps being diagnosed earlier. It may mean the difference on how the difference in the treatments they receive if it is found early enough.

I would place your story in the New Story’s along with June Breit and Jill Vaughn who have given so much of their time in telling people about mesothelioma. If there is anything that you would like done differently let me know. Very kind regards from Deidre vanGerven. New Zealand

Answer.Feel free to but I’m not getting involved in answering questions. You can google. Me. My health is not so great trying to find time for family thanks,Janelle

Deidre vanGerven

New Zealand