Stitching Sisters: Sewing into the future

Frank Denzler | Rushville Republican photoPictured are 16 of the 21 current members of the local Stitching Sisters sewing club. The group meets monthly at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month at In Stitches, 837 W. Second Street, Rushville.

RUSHVILLE — Since 1988, a group of ladies with an interest in sewing have gathered on a monthly basis.

The group was originally part of the Indianapolis Sewing Guild, which was a chapter of the American Sewing Guild. That changed earlier this year when the local chapter chose to form their own guild.

The current group consists of 21 members and is known as Stitching Sisters, which is an independent sewing guild.

The group meets at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month at In Stitches, 837 W. Third Street.

Those involved agree they have a lot of fun as they “talk about anything, some of it related to sewing.”

Current members hail from Decatur, Hancock, Henry, Rush and Shelby County. They recently finished a project designed to allow young girls in need to have a brighter day by making African dresses.

The most recent idea was brought to the group by Deloris Ging, who said she simply thought that members would enjoy making the colorful dresses — not to mention it was something different and she and others felt that it would be a nice charity project.

Most of the work was completed by club members in their homes. During the October meeting of the group, members displayed their finished product to each other.

The dresses will be shipped to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and are part of the National Nancy Zeman Project, to meet the needs of those children that are less fortunate.

“Thanks to the efforts of our guild and others across the United States, we will provide dresses for those that have nothing. All told, our guild made 21 dresses,” Rita Hellmich said as she and 15 other club members (Deloris Ging, Sue Keaton, Shirley Meyer, Alice Woodhull, Annette Fey, Deby Priddy, Cathy Burkett, Sue Netherly, Carolyn Messer, Brenda Wilson, Diana Nash, Jann Baldwin, Lollie Jones and Sue Krill) proudly displayed their creations.

“We have talented members from a variety of different categories here: quilting, garment making, home decorating and crafts, to name a few. We learn from each other. More importantly, we simply have fun getting together,” Hellmich said.

For additional information on the Stitching Sisters, Cathy Burkett can be contacted at (765) 938–1818visitors. Those interested are also welcome to attend the monthly meeting.

The next meeting of the group is scheduled for Nov. 13 and will feature special guest speaker Deb Strain, a professional fabric artist, of the Deb Strain Studio.

Contact: or (765) 932 – 2222 x106.