Annual 'Walk to School Day' a success

Photo providedRushville Fire Chief Chuck Jenkins and Rushville Chief of Police Craig Tucker are pictured with local students during Wednesday’s National Walk To School Day.

RUSHVILLE — Many of today’s parents and grandparents walked to school, a practice that isn’t nearly as common as it used to be.

Regardless of weather, students in elementary, middle school and high school frequently not only walked to school but also home for lunch and then back to school as well. The only exception were those students who lived in the country and were provided transportation by a school bus. It was a day and age of metal lunch pails and sack lunches.

Currently, many students either ride a bus to school or are given a ride by a parent. Essentially, what was a daily occurrence years earlier has dwindled to a small percentage of students that currently walk to school on a daily basis.

Wednesday, an effort was made across the country to encourage children to walk to school.

Locally, students, administrators, teachers, city officials and volunteers gathered in South Veterans Memorial Park prior to 8 a.m. for a walk to Rushville Elementary East and Rushville West Elementary West.

This marked the third year a local “Walk to School Day” was held.

One of the local organizers, RES East Principal Austin Theobald, said the event was well received and that he and others are already looking forward to next year’s event.

He added that the October event serves as a means to remind students and adults of the simple joy of walking or riding a bicycle to school.

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