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February 6, 2012

Library memorials

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The Rushville Public Library welcomes monetary donations for the purpose of remembering loved ones and friends who have passed away, for the

celebration of a birthday or anniversary, or for the recognition of a deed

well done.

Memorial gifts to the library are wonderful because they insure a lasting memorial to a loved one or friend. Once the library receives the gift, a note is sent to the person being remembered or the next of kin. If the gift is more than fifteen dollars, a book(s) is purchased and a special plate stating the name of the donor and in whose memory it was given is placed inside. If the gift is less than fifteen dollars, it is placed in a general memorial fund and used to purchase books for the library.

Many kind folks have given memorial gifts and requested that videos, puppets or other library materials be purchased. Some donors have requested that gifts be used for programming such as the summer reading club or the young adult monthly events.

Lately, donors have been requesting that gifts be used to help improve the library facility. To learn more about giving memorial donations to the Rushville Public Library, please call 932-3496, or ask at the front desk.

Memorial contributions may be mailed to: Rushville Public Library Memorials, 130 W. Third St., Rushville, IN 46173.

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During 2011, these kind people donated memorial gifts: Friends & Neighbors of the Little Flatrock Community, Verlin & Betty English, Rushville Public Library Staff, Martha Todd, Rushville Public Library Board of Trustees, Wil & Rita Cameron, Patty Deam, Tracy, Julie, & Paige Newhouse, Rosemary Richardson & Family, Alice K. Hedrick & Family, Cracker Barrel Gang, Deborah Ripberger, Brent McBride Family, Jordan Miller, Virgil & Beverly Pratt, Mark & Kristen Hass and Family, Mark & Michelle Neuman and Family, Charles & Elizabeth Gratzer, Don & Nita Wright, Carl & Barbara Harcourt, Penny Gordon, Billie Hackler, Ernie & Sue Otte, Joyce Prifogle, George Pribble, John & Sherry Miller, Carol Clemons, Monday Circle, Joyce Montgomery, Bill & Rita Axsom, Bob & Becky Fancher, Todd & Chad, Debbie & Kip Burkett, Doug & Myra Bowles, Norm & Jane Bowles, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Meyer & Family, Jim & Becky Stewart, Hurshel & Tammy Hankenhoff, RCHS Staff, Fiesta & Mariachi Otte, Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hoeing & Family, Nicholas & Barbara Spanolios, Gary Alexander, Ruth Starr, Sunset Hills Elementary, Betty Sherman, Jewell Watkins, Nan & Michael Pearsey, Judith Long, Hint Hunter's Homemakers Club, Sharlene Wagner, Barbara Rhodes & Family, Ted & Shelly Wagner and Family, Marilyn Wagner & Family, Henry & Rhonda Albrecht and Family, David & Barbara Malson, Mark & Phyllis Tinch, Norman & Dee Copple, Coons Family, Early Morning Coffee Group at McDonalds, Coffee Bowl League, J.R. & Angie Swain, Jan Swain Poldevaart, Robert Poldevaart, and Natalie McDaniel.

The Library thanks these generous people.