Rushville Republican

October 11, 2013

A passion for music

By Marianne Scott Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — So – how many closet steering wheel drummers and shower singers are there out there? You know who you are. There’s nothing quite like driving down the open road and your steering wheel turns into a rather handy drum. Then there’s all that tile in the shower - everyone sounds good singing in there even if you do make up half of the words.

As we become drummers and singers for the moment, we’ve all wondered what it would be like to take the stage or march with that band. Some of us realize those dreams and some must be content with the steering wheel drum and shower stage.

For Brandon Shelton, the beat of the band is a great experience he loves. One of his dreams has been to play the bass drum with the “Roarin’ Regiment Marching Band.”

So on Friday, Oct. 4, a real dream took the field and that which can’t be said was uttered with the beat of a drum. The dream came alive and the words to a very familiar school song kept beat with the bass drum.

T.R. Campbell (Roarin’ Regiment Band Director) stated, “Brandon has been a valuable member of the band for five years. He is a role model with his excitement and passion for the band. His smile and positive attitude is truly contagious.”

His band family can attest to the fact that Brandon brings a true sense of purpose to their group.

For sports fans in Rush County, the band is an integral part of sporting events and brings a level of excitement and school spirit whenever they appear. Whether it is a football game, basketball game or concerts, your band takes great pride in being the best it can be. The band keeps dreams alive with the beat of a drum and is one more reason why Rush County Schools are a great place to be.