Rushville Republican

September 10, 2013

Winnie remembered

Rushville Republican

---- — Hello this is Winnie! Remember me? I’m the black four-footer who used to write some of Momma Jan Voiles’ columns. Just wanted to give our readers a quick update.

My goofy brother Duffy and I lived with Momma Jan for eleven beautiful years. When she went to heaven three years ago, we were so sad and worried. What would happen to us? Who would want two old kitties?? That’s when that wonderful large-hearted woman, Mary Roller came into our lives. She took us to her house to live with her, her son Sam, daughter Emma and Emma’s boyfriend Oak (and some other four-footers).

Dear ole Duffy gets along with most everyone, especially humans. He loved all the two-footers at Mary’s and was purr-fectly happy. On the other hand, I had become a grumpy old kitty who hissed and growled at everyone (two and four-footed) except Mary who I LOVED. I spent every night sleeping on her bed. Eventually Emma patiently taught me how to co-exist peacefully with the other cats.

Everything went along very happily for Duffy and me until this summer. Suddenly last month, I was in terrible pain. Mary and Sam were so kind and worried. They called Dr. Fred and he came to his office after hours. As you will remember, I never liked going to his office but Dr. Fred was always so very nice to Duffy and me. He said nothing could be done to make me well and he gently helped me out of this life. Now I am safe and happy in Momma Jan’s arms!

Well that’s all from Duffy and me for now. Remember to be kind to your four-footers!

Winnie Voiles Roller