Rushville Republican

May 18, 2013

Safety blitz begins today

Frank Denzler
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Rush County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Duane Raab recently announced that the RCSD and Rushville Police Department will kick off what has become an annual event known as “Operation Pull Over (OPO) today as a means to enforce Indiana seat belt laws.

According to the deputy, as the weather turns warmer and area schools release students for summer vacation more people are out traveling, elevating the potential for serious motor vehicle accidents.

In an effort to make city and county roads a safer environment for all drivers and their passengers, local law enforcement agencies are participating in a national enforcement blitz that will continue until June 2.

“Officers will be conducting special patrols both day and night targeting drivers and passengers who fail to buckle up,” the deputy said.

The most current statistics available have found that although more drivers are adhering to seat belt requirements there is still room for improvement, with 61 percent of the nearly 11,000 victims in fatal crashes the previous 12 months not properly restrained or wearing a seat belt at the time of their accident.

The majority of fatal accidents occur between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Raab said that although it is common knowledge that the proper use of seat belts and other restraints such as infant and car seats have a direct impact on reducing injuries and death, some motorists still refuse to buckle up.

During 2012’s “Click It or Ticket” Indiana law enforcement personnel handed out more the 18,000 citations to motorists and their passengers for noncompliance to seatlbelt laws.

Officers from the RPD and the RCSD will work overtime to conduct seat belt patrols around the clock, with a focus on nighttime drivers.

The OPO seat belt enforcement project is funded through a grant from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute with no local funding being used to compensate the officers’ efforts.

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