Rushville Republican

October 18, 2013

Haunted happenings being reported at the Riverside Park Amphitheater

Halloween Costume Parade and Haunted Trail starts Saturday

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The City of Rushville and the Parks and Recreation Department invite everyone to the 12th Annual Halloween Costume Parade on Saturday, Oct. 26, at the Rushville Riverside Park Amphitheater. In addition, there will be a free Haunted Trail and hayride on Saturday, Oct. 19 and again Saturday, Oct. 26 beginning at 7:30 p.m., sponsored by the Rushville Street Department and the Rushville Parks Department.

The Halloween Costume Parade will begin with sign-ups at 4 p.m., the parade at 5 p.m. and judging for all ages, including adults at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 26 at the Riverside Park Amphitheater. In case of rain, meet at the Livestock Pavilion at the Rush County Fairgrounds. There will be treat bags and a prize for each child. Costume judging is for all ages, including adults.

According to unconfirmed reports of the haunted happenings, there has been an unexplained event in Riverside Park. Jemmy Miller, the Rushville Street Department commissioner, has reported finding a house trailer in the park.

"There it was just sitting there half way down in the creek," Miller reports in Halloween fashion. "I couldn't believe my eyes!" he said. "It was really foggy that morning. It rained a lot that night, but not that much to float a trailer down "Flatrock."

Miller immediately reported this to Mayor Mike Pavey who upon hearing the news of another unwanted building in a city park, ordered it removed that same day by Miller. The street commissioner said he would take care of it.

"The house trailer was just sitting there at an odd angle, halfway down in the creek he said "sort of like Noah's Ark," describes Miller.

Speculation went on as to how and why it was there. No answer was apparent. "The task of moving it out of the park would not be easy with all these trees," he said.

Someone then shouted "over there's an opening!" Street Department crews began to pull it in that direction but just as the trailer was about to clear the opening everyone heard a yell, "WHOAAA!"

The man driving the tractor stopped and the trailer slid against a hickory tree, shattering one of the windows. A black cat jumped out the opening and hickory nuts rained down like, pardon the pun, "cats and dogs," Pop, pop, bang, bang was the sound the nuts made.

Nobody admitted yelling and everyone stood around looking at each other. "I didn't say anything" was the common reply to questioning looks. Just then another sound came, a strange sound, it seemed to be coming from the trailer itself.  Then an eerie silence. . .

"Well now you've done it," Miller said cutting the tension. "We will have to cut down the only hickory tree in the whole park."

He went to get a chainsaw. Miller was right; the trailer was not going to move anymore without the tree being cut down.

All the guys on the Street Department were pondering why and how this house trailer could be in the park in the first place, let alone causing all these problems. Just then, the truck pulled up with the chain saw, which by the way would not start!

"Go get the good one," Miller said....then another sound came from the trailer, "WHOAAA!"

It sounded like, "Don't move me," said one of the workers.

"No" another said it was more like the first sound like a "WHOM."

The good chain saw arrived just then and started on the first pull. As Miller started walking toward the tree - the chain came off the saw and went flying against the trailer!

"What the . . . Did you see that?” exclaimed Miller. "I'm going to the mayor and ask him if we can at least, leave ‘it’ here for the Halloween Hayride, I've had it!”

Miller returned with news that the mayor wants "it checked out" by the police anyway, and then boarded up for safety and after Halloween, he wants it out of here!

Well . . . . the conclusion was this…The trailer was dumped or rolled down South Harrison Street, or came loose from being towed and the owner abandoned it, or the previous owner had enough of the strange noises and determined that it indeed was haunted and couldn't sell it to anyone and under the cover of fog and darkness dumped it at a spot it couldn't be seen. There seems to be no other explanation! But in the meantime, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

You never know what spooky happenings you might see, or hear, after these unconfirmed reports as you come out to enjoy Rushville’s Haunted Trail this Saturday beginning at 7:30 p.m. and again on Saturday, Oct. 26. Don’t miss the Halloween Costume Parade on Oct. 26. It promises to be Spook-Tacular!