Rushville Republican

October 31, 2012

New billboards about bullying in place

Frank Denzler
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Austin McDaniel and Logan Thompson, who were reportedly victims of bullies at Benjamin Rush Middle School in recent weeks, and their family members were on hand Friday afternoon as anti-bullying signage was placed on two local billboards.

One billboard is located north of town on SR 3 near CR 200N and the other is south of town near the Flatrock River bridge.

Also on hand for the unveiling was Kim Harvey, co-founder of Angles & Doves, an anti-bullying campaign aimed at adolescents.

The teens and others want to draw awareness to the harmful dangers associated with bullying and say that it has no place in schools or elsewhere.

October is National Anti-Bully Month, and Harvey was proud to be on hand and available as the signage was placed locally. Angels & Doves is a nationwide not-for profit program that is dedicated to educating students, teachers and parents on the signs and symptoms associated with bullying.

According to Harvey, the organization also seeks unique solutions for communities in an effort to combat and end bulling at all levels.

The local connection to the problem of bullies was brought to light after an incident that took place Oct. 17 at BRMS when an unnamed individual attacked Austin McDaniel.

The incident was captured by school surveillance cameras and has since gone viral on YouTube.

A second bullying event took place when it is alleged that Logan Thompson was also attacked.

The parents of the two victims feel that bullying is a local problem and were instrumental in the billboards being placed locally.

A bully is defined as one who intimidates by overbearing swaggering demeanor or threats toward another. According to Harvey, bullying is also defined as intentional, harmful, aggressive, bold, reoccurring, degrading and oppressive behavior towards another individual.

Harvey of Angles & Doves can be contacted at (317) 870-1100 or online at

Contact: Frank Denzler at 765.932.2222 x106