Rushville Republican

November 7, 2012

Local election results - voters decide (updated)

Rush County weighs in on state and national races

Frank Denzler and Melissa Conrad
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Christy Mahan Hall came out ahead in the race for Rush County coroner during the 2012 General Election Tuesday that pitted Republican candidate John Todd against Democrat Christy Mahan Hall, with Hall winning by 117 votes. Todd garnered 3404 votes for 49.16 percent while Hall totaled 3521 votes for 50.84 percent. The race for Rush County School Board District 4 saw incumbent Jane Busald Carter edged out by Tammy Jackman. Jackman received 2481 votes for 50.58 percent while Carter received 2424 votes for 49.42 percent.

The other contested races were for seats on the Charles A. Beard School District. In one race Michelle S. White garnered 396 votes, 61.88 percent, and easily out distanced her opponents, Lanny Keith Ferrell who had 116 votes (18.13 percent) and Steven Kent Ferrell who had 128 votes (20 percent). Don A. Scheumann defeated Timothy R. Wehr 516 to 216 votes with 70.49 to 29.51 percent for the Charles A. Beard School Board in Ripley Township. Leah J. Kopp at 441 votes and 53.13 percent and Gerald W. Leonard with 389 votes at 46.87 percent from Wayne Township will also serve the Charles A. Beard School Board.

Running unopposed were: David Northam to retain his seat as Rush Circuit Court judge, 5767 votes; Debbie Richardson as clerk of Circuit Court, 5750 votes; Mary Ann Beard county auditor, 5831 votes; Cindy Humphrey county treasurer, 5719 votes; and Marvin Rees county surveyor, 5684 votes. Rush County School Board unopposed candidates were Jeff Slaton — District 3, Steve Sickbert — District 6, and Ron Lienemann — District 7.

Also running unopposed were Bruce Levi, county commissioner central district and Mark Bacon county commissioner southern district. Three At large seats were up for County Council with Marvin Hedrick, Warren Norris and Charles Smith each taking those positions.

Rush County on state and national races

Rush County contributed to the upset in the Indiana superintendent of public instruction office selecting Democrat Glenda Ritz over incumbent Tony Bennett with 3578 Rush County votes to 3317 for Bennett and a 51.89 to 48.11 percent win locally. Ritz won statewide with 1,246,201 votes to Bennett’s 1,119,028.

Rush County agreed with the majority of the state in selecting Republican Mike Pence governor with 4120 Rush County votes to Democrat John Gregg’s 2370 with a 59.17 to a 34.04 percent local margin. Statewide, Pence and lt. gov. running mate Sue Ellspermann took 1,217,413 votes to Gregg and running mate Vi Simpson’s 1,122,811 votes and Libertarian Rupert Boneham and running mate Brad Klopfenstein’s 94,607 votes.

Rush County voters backed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with 4633 Rush County votes to President Barack Obama’s (D) 2221 local votes, and Gary Johnson’s (L) 172 local votes. Tuesday night, shortly after 11 p.m., the presidential election was called for Obama giving him a second term in a closely divided country politically. Indiana, which turned blue in 2008 to support Obama, returned to its red in support of Romney this year. Statewide, Romney and running mate Paul Ryan took 1,349,624 statewide votes to Obama and running mate Joe Biden’s 1,083,250 votes with 47,134 statewide votes going to Libertarian Gary Johnson and running mate James Gray.

Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat held by Richard Lugar who was defeated by Richard Mourdock in the primary, caused ripples Tuesday evening as Republican’s lost the seat to Democrat Joe Donnelly. Nationally, Republican hopes of picking up additional seats in the U.S. Senate and ending up with majority control were dashed as several races like Indiana’s went to Democrats. While Rush County gave Mourdock 49.43 percent to Donnelly’s 39.77 percent and Libertarian challenger Andy Horning’s 10.73 percent, statewide Donnelly was victorious with 1,200,602 votes to Mourdock’s 1,072,950 votes and Horning’s 137,390 votes. Rush County awarded Mourdock 3392, Donnelly 2729 and Horning 736 votes.

Attorney general Incumbent Greg Zoeller won Rush County and the state over challenger Democrat Kay Fleming. Zoeller had 4898 at 71.82 percent locally and 1,383,893 votes statewide to Fleming’s 1922 at 28.18 percent local and 985,854 statewide votes.

Filling Pence’s U.S. Representative, District 6, seat will be Republican Luke Messer with 4794 at 69.67 percent local and 160,674 district-wide votes to Democrat Brad Bookout’s 1684 24.47 percent local and 95,848 district-wide votes and Libertarian Rex Bell’s 396 5.75 percent local and 15,807 district wide votes.

Jean Leising (R) was unopposed for Indiana Senate Dist. 42 claiming 5623 Rush County and 37,144 votes throughout her district.

In Indiana Representative District 54 Tom Saunders (R) clinched his win with 2916 at 76.32 percent locally and 15,839 district-wide votes over Jeremiah Morrell (L) with 905 at 23.68 percent locally and 5,834 district-wide votes.

In newly drawn Indiana Representative District 55, Republican Cindy Ziemke took a commanding lead locally with 1667 at 70.40 percent locally and 14,972 district-wide votes over Democrat Dave Moeller with 701 at 29.60 percent locally and 9745 votes district-wide.

Supreme Court Justices Steven H. David and Robert D. Rucker and Appeals Court first district Judge John G. Baker and fifth district Judge Nancy H. Vaidik also got the retention nod from Rush County and throughout their districts.