Rushville Republican

January 28, 2014

Going to be gone? Don't forget the mail

By Kate Thurston Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — When going on vacation people often have a check list of things that must be done while they are gone. Feed the pets, lock the house, etc. A very important item to check off is getting the mail.

Whether going on an extended vacation or a short trip, mail recipients must follow some steps in order to take care of their mail while they are gone. Postmaster Tony Thomas explains how to do so.

“If someone is going on vacation or moving, they need to hold their mail or it can be forwarded,” Thomas said. “We only hold mail for 30 days, which means it will not be delivered.” The mail will be held at the post office until the 30 days is up and then will be delivered.

“We also can forward mail,” Thomas said. “We offer premium forwarding which initial start is $15 and cost $15 monthly. All mail received will be sent out each Wednesday, whether it be first class mail, subscriptions, packages, etc. All mail will be sent out. Another option is regular forwarding, where only your first class mail and subscriptions will be shipped whether it’s permanent or temporary.”

There is no charge for regular forwarding.

Along with forwarding and holding, the post office also provides forms to change addresses.

In order to do any of these options, customers must come to their local post office or can go online at, where all your postal needs can be done.

The post office does not take any changes over the telephone.

“We have customers come in to do changes to their mail because we have documentation that way,” Thomas said.

The post office also offers passports along with passport photos. These can be arranged by calling ahead of time or making an appointment.

The post office also reminds mail recipients to make sure each mailbox has a visible number and paths to mailboxes are cleared of snow, dogs and toys.

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