Rushville Republican

January 28, 2014

Want a pet? Check out the animal shelter

By Kate Thurston Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — With only two employees, the Rushville Animal Shelter has its hands full with cats and dogs and hope for more hands to volunteer.

From adopting out pets to taking in strays, the dynamic duo does it all. Cara Moran and Daniel Herbert spend their days at the shelter taking care of around 30 cats and dogs.

“We have lots of cats and dogs that need homes and we are starting to microchip them,” Moran said.

In order to adopt a pet, the person must come to the shelter.

“Most people look online, call us and say they want this pet. It’s not that easy. There is an application they must fill out and we have to decide if they are going to be a good person or home for the pet,” Moran stated. “If we don’t feel like your home is appropriate, we won’t allow you adopt. We need to talk to the person extensively and make sure they are suitable.”

The shelter encourages pet-seekers to check with their landlord before adopting.

“So many people come in and want a pet. Then after it’s all said and done they tell us their landlord won’t let them have dogs or cats. Please check with them ahead of time before adopting a pet. Not all landlords allow pets in their residents,” Moran added.

Moran says the animal shelter is here to help all animal owners in every way they can.

“If someone finds a stray animal during shelter hours, they can call us,” Moran explained. “If it is after hours and they live out of county they need to call the sheriff’s department. If they are found in city limits, the police department can be contacted and we will be dispatched. We take strays in and also if someone no longer wants their pet, they need to call us and we will take them. So many people have pets they have to get rid of very quickly because they are moving. They need to give us a heads up and call us and we are more than happy to help. We do not accept them on Friday, Saturday or Sundays. We do this so we know that we have room over the weekend. Most importantly, if you need help contact us. That is what we are here for. Please take care of your animals and if you can’t we are here.”

The shelter is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday at 223 Smiley Ave. For more information about adopting or volunteering, Contact Cara at 932-4754.