Rushville Republican

January 17, 2014

Group Workcamps returning to Rush County in 2015

Rushville Republican

---- — Rush County Youth Group Workcamp, Inc. is happy to announce that it will be hosting another Group Workcamp in Rushville and Rush County during the summer of 2015.

“We are so excited and feel very fortunate to be able to host another Group Workcamp here,” local organizing group’s leader Chip West said. “We had such great experiences hosting two previous Group Workcamps here, one in 2010 and the other in 2012, that we wanted to have another one so that we could help even more residents of Rushville and Rush County.”

During one week during the summer of 2015 hundreds of teenagers and adults will come to Rush County to perform minor home repairs for the elderly, those with physical challenges and those struggling financially. The types of repairs that the group will be performing consist of interior and exterior painting, decking, porch repair, wheelchair ramp construction/repair, minor roofing and home winterization. All of the materials and labor for the home repairs are provided to the residents ‘Free of Charge.’ One of the responsibilities of the local sponsoring group is to raise money for the Workcamp. This money, along with a portion of the fees youth groups pay to come here, allow the repairs to be provided at no cost to the residents.

West hopes to have the same outcome in 2015 as the summers in the past.

“I hope its like the experience we had before,” West said. “We hope to have lots of teenagers and adults coming to help the residents. We hope for around 400-450 people from all over coming to take part and help. I am looking again to help 50-60 homes that week.”

West reports that during the previous two Group Workcamps they have hosted a total of 648 teenagers and adults from all over the country. They have come to help those in Rushville and Rush County and have worked on 104 homes.

”I am very excited about this project and I hope everyone in the community is as well,” West stated. “We want to get people excited, we want them to prepare for it. We are always looking for people to join and help out. This is a great opportunity to help the community. To have these people come and donate their time is a great thing.”

The project is completely free for residents who apply.

”Many people think there has to be some hidden price,” West said. “There are no strings attached. Everything is completely free. We raise money and get donations from businesses and churches and all the money we raise goes to buying material to help fix up homes. It does not cost a dime for us to help you.”

Residents interested in applying to have their homes worked on should continue to watch for more information to be published in the Rushville Republican in the spring of next year. Information can also be obtained online at, or by e-mail at

Group Workcamp Foundation ( is a non-profit interdenominational organization is based in Loveland, Colo. It provides dynamic, short-term mission trips, both domestically and internationally. More than 6 million hours of volunteer services have been provided to people in need through this organization.