Rushville Republican

February 23, 2013

Do drugs in Rush County, go to jail

38 drug related arrests since Jan. 1

Frank Denzler
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Rush County Sheriff Department’s Detective Richard Gosser recently said that not only has the county realized a marked increase in illegal activity in recent months, the majority of those arrests centered around illegal drug use.

He and other officers have found that the majority of burglaries, thefts and break-ins are directly related to persons seeking prescription medications or items that can be easily sold or traded for drugs.

Law enforcement officers have made multiple arrests for possession and manufacturing methamphetamine, unlawful possession of marijuana, and illegal possession of controlled substances during the first two months of the year.

Those arrested for illegal drug activity have varied in age from younger than 18 to 61 and the arrests have resulted from traffic stops, investigations leading to search warrants, undercover purchases by officers and, in one case, when an individual was confronted by an armed homeowner after gaining illegal entry into a residence.

Rushville Police Department Assistant Chief Todd Click said that drug use locally has been a problem for some time and officers are just making a dent in it.

“Due to a variety of reasons, we have not had the trained manpower we now have. Most officers in the department are now trained in drug interdiction. We are now in a position to dedicate a full-time officer to drug investigation,” Click said.

The officer continued by saying that the problem is not new.

“It [drug use] is here and it won’t go away on its own or easily,” the officer said.

A look back at local drug related arrest reports received by the Rushville Republican found that during the first 45 days of this year 38 individuals have been arrested; three of those arrests were for the banned controlled substance known as synthetic marijuana.

Figures released by Rushville Police Department Detective Randy Meek at the January LCC meeting revealed that during 2012 a total of 74 individuals were arrested on possession of marijuana charges (a 49 percent increase over 2011 figures), 45 arrests were for illegal possession of a controlled substance (a 42 percent increase) and 53 were for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or with a controlled substance (a 56 percent increase).

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