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November 29, 2013

Unsafe Hearing Board gets property updates

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Unsafe hearing board members Gary Cameron, Darrin McGowan, Angie Barton and Ron Jarman met recently and were given updates by fire chief Chuck Jenkins on a number of local properties at various stages of disrepair. The board is seeking means to locate funding in the budget to complete the demolition process a structure located at 351 North Arthur Street, and find additional funding to demolish a structure at 227 and 231 North Main Street. Regarding the Main Street properties, the matter was tabled by the board until funding for the project could be realized.

The next matter faced by the board regarded a severe weather event and accompanying winds, later labeled a “micro burst” that passed through the county Sept. 10. The storm caused widespread damage including downed trees, power lines and wind damaged structures. One of the most severely damaged structures was a home located at 702 North Sexton Street, when a tree fell on the residence. The tree has since been removed and the damaged portion of the home secured. Fire chief Chuck Jenkins was quick to thank Rushville Street Department superintendent Jimmy Miller and workers responsible for removing the tree and securing the residence.

“We owe a big thanks to (street department employees) Miller, Dan Hoover and Johnny Wood for taking care of this. They did a great job,” Jenkins said.

Two additional properties, a multi-family dwelling located at 732-734 North Morgan Street was recently approved by the county commissioners for a tax certificate sale. A public hearing will be held during the December Unsafe Hearing Board regarding a vacant dwelling located in the 900 of West Third Street.

As a final matter, Jenkins proposed that the board consider adopting a vacant property ordinance. According to Jenkins, with board approval of such an ordinance, once a property is deemed vacant, the property owner would be required to register the structure with the city in an effort to beheld more accountable for routine maintenance on the structure and be required for upkeep on the property such as mowing the grass and weeding the property. Jenkins cited a number of counties in the state that currently require a similar ordinance and suggested that board members consider a local ordinance to address the issue. The matter was taken under advisement by board members.

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