Rushville Republican

January 13, 2013

Watch for high water on area roads

Frank Denzler
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — After being in the grips of sub-freezing temperatures for nearly three weeks, a brief respite arrived in central Indiana this week.

Through the weekend, daytime temperature are expected to be above normal for mid-January. With the warm up, rain is also in the forecast. As a result, local concerns are that some low lying areas may experience flooding and standing water as the snow melt will continue and be compounded by added moisture.

Beginning Thursday and continuing through Saturday a series of storms are expected to pass through the state, bringing with them intermittent and sometimes heavy rain.

Several low lying areas in the county are subject to flooding and the county highway department identifies many of them with signage to that effect.

These areas have been identified as being most likely to pose flooding or high-water risks.

— CR 800N southwest of Carthage.

— Ewbank covered bridge area on CR 150N.

— Norris covered bridge area on CR 300N.

— CR 715W (Homer/Arlington Pike).

— CR 225W south of SR 244.

— Flatrock River Road south of SR 44.

— CR 800N near CR 450E.

Although standing water may appear to be shallow, it can cause a vehicle to stall and strand the driver and any passengers.

Extensive and costly vehicle damage to the interior and electrical system of cars and trucks can occur once a vehicle stalls in high water.

A rule of thumb is if you can’t see the road surface beneath the water you should not attempt to drive through it.

In the event a motorist becomes stranded on a water-covered roadway, it is advised they remain inside the vehicle and use a cell phone to call 911 for assistance.

Moving water can easily cause individuals to loose footing and fall, creating even greater injuries and problems. Although air temperatures may be above freezing, the water temperature will be considerably lower and a body can rapidly loose body heat, causing hypothermia.

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