Rushville Republican

January 4, 2013

Commissioners conclude 2012 business

Frank Denzler
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Rush County Commissioners Tom Barnes, Marvin Cole and Ken Masters wrapped up 2012 business Monday.

The first order of business was brought by county EMA Director Chuck Kemker. Kemker requested the county leaders signatures on two items.

One was a reimbursement grant from the Department of Homeland Security. The monies increased the county’s availability to garner nearly $2,000 in funds for becoming compliant in a number of areas with the IDHS during the past 12 months. The second was an EMA Performance Grant.

Once the commissioners affixed their signatures to the document the county became eligible for a $4,054 grant.\

According to Kemker, the monies will be used to provide ID cards for each county employee.

Sheriff Jeff Sherwood was next to speak and said that the inmate population at the Rush County Jail realized a decrease in recent weeks with the facility currently housing 38 inmates: three sentenced, 10 females and an individual serving Indiana Department of Correction imposed jail time.

In a final matter, the county signed contracts regarding stipends for three rural volunteer departments to provide EMS ambulance service during 2013. On a monthly basis, Anderson Township will receive $2,800, Carthage $2,916.67 and Raleigh $4,000.

Those in attendance then thanked commissioners Tom Barnes (central district) and Marvin Cole (southern district) for their service to Rush County residents. Barnes served county residents for eight years and Cole for more than 20 years.

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