Rushville Republican

January 4, 2013

Council makes 2013 contributions, appointments

Melissa Conrad
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The Rushville Common Council approved their annual contributions to local organizations during the past two meetings.

They include:

Rush County Community Foundation: $3,000

Senior Citizen Center: $ 8,000

Boys & Girls Club: $3,000

Rush County Victim’s Assistance: $300

Chamber of Commerce: $500

ECDC: $65,000

Heart of Rushville: $750

American Legion (flags): $500

2013 appointments approved by the Council Tuesday include:

Board of Works: Ron Jarman replaces Marvin Hedrick

Historic Board: Kevin Harr replaces Al Hodge

Redevelopment Commission: Bill Herdrich replaces Ashley Stiers

Alcoholic Beverage Commission: Dave Payne

Park Board: Will St. John

Solid Waste Board: Brian Conner

ECDC: Bob Bridges

Fiber Board: Bob Bridges

Redevelopment Commission

Mayor’s appointments: John McCane, Mark Hass, Bill Herdrich

Council’s appointments: John Pavey and Ron Lienemann

Mayor Mike Pavey presented a plaque to Marvin Hedrick in appreciation for his service to the city as a Board of Works member. Hedrick has been elected to the Rush County Council and will no longer be a Board of Works member.

He also presented Certificates of Appreciation to Al Hodge for serving on the Historic Board; Ashley Stiers for her service on the Redevelopment Commission; and Teresa Asbury for serving on the Amphitheater Committee and the Heart of Rushville.

The Council decided Tuesday to keep liaison positions with departments the same for 2013 including Bob Bridges, Animal Control; Brian Conner, Rushville Fire Department; Craig Smith, Rushville Street Department; Brad Berkemeier, Rushville Parks Department; and Brian Sheehan, Rushville Police Department.

Clerk-Treasurer Ann Copley informed Council that the general fund tax draw for 2012 year was $181,000.00 less than was received in 2011. Copley said the reduced amount was likely caused by the new state tax cap.