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July 5, 2013

RPD brings back bike patrols

Rushville Republican

---- — The Rushville Police Department has announced that it has reactivated its Uniformed Bicycle Patrol Unit.

The unit consists of seven members of the Rushville Police Department who received specialized training June 27, 2013, pertaining to bicycle operations and bicycle patrol tactics.

The bicycle patrol unit will be utilized by the Rushville Police Department for specialized assignments such as parades, festivals, and amphitheater events. The unit will also make regular patrols through the city business district, city parks and residential areas.

Bicycle patrol has several benefits for both the department and the community. Being bicycle based allows more direct contact with the citizens. Officers can move about more easily without being detected when necessary. Bicycle officers can travel to locations not accessible by patrol cars, and they can reach those locations faster than officers on foot. The slower speeds of the bicycle and lack of distractions associated with operating a motor vehicle will allow officers to focus more on the environment around them.

There are marked health benefits for the officers on the unit as well since they will be the “engine” powering the bicycle.

“One of the best parts of this program is that it has been revived without the use of taxpayer money. The bicycles we are utilizing were purchased several administrations ago, and the new equipment issued to each officer has been purchased utilizing donations from local businesses and individuals who agreed a need existed for this program,” Chief Craig Tucker said.

The rules of the program require each participating officer to patrol on the bicycle for a minimum of 10 hours per month between the months of May through October unless altered by the Chief of Police.

Officers will have specialized uniforms and equipment, but they will primarily have the same responsibilities as officers that are patrol-car based with the added responsibility of making personal contacts with the citizens of Rushville.

“I am pretty excited about this program. I am looking forward to getting out and interacting with the community on a more personal level. Being on the bike will make us more accessible and allow us to do just that,” said Officer Brent Horton, a member RPD Bicycle Patrol Unit.

The Rushville Police Department is proud to have this unit as another tool to combat crime in our community.

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