Rushville Republican

November 5, 2012

Season calls for cautious driving

Frank Denzler
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — With chilly morning temperatures and shorter daylight hours at the end of the day, it is evident that fall is at hand.

During the coming weeks and months, family schedules will become increasingly filled with multiple daily objectives in preparation for the two-plus months of holiday happenings.

With that in mind, it is frequently easy to overlook one of the primary needs this time of year, safety.

Extra care and precaution should be taken, not only when away from home on shopping excursions but also prior to and upon returning home. In recent weeks, local and county law enforcement personnel have been dispatched to a number of thefts and residential burglaries.

Common sense about one’s surroundings is increasingly important this time of year.

It is recommended that prior to exiting their vehicle motorists remove all visible temptations that may attract the attention of a thief and lock the vehicle, even if making a quick dash into a store.

If packages are left in a vehicle keep them out of sight and in the trunk rather than in the back seat. Cds, iPods, personal computers, cell phones and tablets should also be kept out of sight and secured.

If travel plans call for extended time away it is recommended that a neighbor or friend periodically check on your residence and gather mail and deliveries.

As a shopper, stay alert and aware of your surroundings, especially if you feel yourself being pushed or jostled while in a large crowd. Thieves often work in pairs, with one acting as a distraction while another commits the crime.

If you become lost while shopping in a large department store find a clerk, security guard or police officer and ask for help or directions.

Hold on to all purchases tightly. Don’t tempt the tempted; it only takes a moment for a package you set down to disappear.

Women are encouraged to keep their purses in front of them rather than on their shoulder and men should keep their billfolds in a front pocket whenever possible.

When parking your vehicle, especially after dark, try to park in a well-lit area. Although security cameras are now the norm in many parking structures, a well-lit area also serves as a deterrent to possible thieves.

The same safety measure should be taken with your home or apartment; lock all doors when leaving and make sure that windows are secured.

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