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April 7, 2013

New business coming to S. Main Street

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — As you may have noticed, the city of Rushville has been working to remove the roof deck of the historic Miller’s Drive-in Restaurant on South Main Street.

This unusual course of work is due to a unique offer in the form of a gift from the new owner of the property, who wishes to remain nameless, in an effort preserve its historic value.

With the city’s limited budget, Mayor Mike Pavey chose to utilize city employees to do the city’s portion of the work to keep project costs down.

The removal of the beams and frames has been donated by Davis Towing & Recovery.

The minimal expense incurred as a result of using city employees and the donation is the only way that this preservation could be afforded, Mayor Pavey said.

“The only components that have reusable value are the structural frames, beams and menu boards. The rest will be damaged in the salvage efforts to the point they most likely will not be reusable,” said Rushville Street Commissioner Jemmy Miller.

A use for the salvaged materials hasn’t been identified, but the offered gift was too good for the city to pass on.

“We are not sure what possible uses there might be for the canopy, but we would rather have that option preserved and stored, rather than to have it sold as scrap. Right now, the city and associated organizations are investigating possible reuses for the canopy, but none have been identified to date,” Mayor Pavey said.

“There will be those who say that the gift was meant to save on demolition fees associated with the canopy, but the steel salvage value far outweighs demolition cost. So it was a generous gesture, not only financially but also for allowing a piece of history to reused if feasible,” Rush County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sandy Fussner said.

The city knew there would many of its citizens who value the history of the structure and who would want to make sure it’s preserved.

“I want to thank the new owner for the donation of the canopy. I would like to thank the Davis Towing for their generous offer to remove the structural beams and canopy frame, and the Street Department for their help. In addition to the canopy, the new owner has offered the city free right-of-way access for a sign base on the northeast corner of the property. The removal of the canopy will allow for a new business to locate in the city limits and this is exciting news for the community!” Mayor Pavey said.

Gettinger Meats plans to use the former restaurant as a retail site.

- Rushville Republican