Rushville Republican

July 16, 2013

Health Department to fill QIP position

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Rush County Commissioners Bruce Levi, Mark Bacon and Ken Masters met Monday and were faced with a brief list of matters requiring their attention.

Terri Nigh of the Rush County Health Department requested permission to hire a Quality Improvement Person. According to Nigh, no local monies will be used to fill the position and the new hire will essentially be an independent contractor working on behalf of the county regarding accreditation and will work closely with county health director Dr. Richard Boersma. Nigh continued by saying federal monies allow for a 18 month tenure for the QIP position.

The county leaders then took a brief break from normal business to hold a public hearing regarding zoning issues for requirements, permit fees and insurance requirements on future towers built in the county. Following a brief discussion, the commissioners passed a favorable recommendation on to the APC on the matter.

In other unrelated news, local ECDC director John McCane requested the county agree to support the ACT Work Ready Communities criteria. According to McCane, there is no cost to county taxpayers associated with the proposal to become a certified work ready community.

He continued by saying that the basic premise is to allow existing and potential businesses a framework that will ensure future employee candidates have attained certain educational thresholds.

In an unrelated matter, the ECDC director next turned his attention to the North Industrial Park. McCane said all of the local paperwork has been submitted and the county is waiting on approval for funding from the federal government regarding grant monies to complete the project.

In a final matter, the commissioners tabled a request regarding the placement of four-way stop signage at two rural locations.

According to county highway superintendent Jerry Sitton, one of the intersections (CR 365E and CR 450S) does not meet requirements (blind spots to approaching traffic, past history of accidents and residential homes in the area), while the intersection of CR 250E and CR 450S is a viable location for a four-way stop. Sitton said that he would look into the matter and report to the commissioners at a future meeting regarding the CR 250E – CR 450S intersection.

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