Rushville Republican

October 25, 2013

Active shooter training a success

First multi-agency training effort of its kind held locally

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — Wednesday, more than 20 local and county emergency response departments and nearly 150 individuals that included actors, controllers, observers, school staff and others participated in an active shooter training exercise at the Rushville Consolidated High School.

In light of recent real-life shootings across America in which individual shooters have targeted populated areas such as schools, shopping malls and movie theaters as a means to cause as much carnage as possible, the first local training requiring multiple emergency responders of this magnitude was well received by participants.

The event began with an emergency requiring the school to be placed under lockdown with all entrances secured. The local scenario included multiple shooters within the confines of the high school property and a few additional and equally challenging obstacles for responders to overcome. After securing the premises, the initial team of law enforcement entered the school and sought out the perpetrators. A short time later, a second team of law enforcement personnel and medical personnel followed to remove and treat the injured.

According to Rushville chief of Police Craig Tucker, he was pleased with the training exercise.

“Overall, the exercise was a success. This was the first time all of the emergency response agencies in this jurisdiction have come together for a full-scale disaster of an active shooter in one of our schools. In a very brief period of time, these agencies were able to merge together and work together as teams to protect and preserve life,” Tucker said.

According to the officer and others involved in the exercise, communication issues between responders both inside and outside the building was one area that had to be resolved early on and participants adapted and overcame the problem in a timely fashion.

“I am very proud of the efforts of my officers. They took this training and their individual roles very seriously and achieved their objectives in a professional manner. Several of them have made comments that the exercise was of great benefit and proved to be an excellent form of training. Across the board, I am very pleased with the interoperability of our emergency response agencies both county and district-wide. I hope we never suffer a disaster of this scale, but if we do, I am confident our emergency responders are up to the challenge,” Tucker said.

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