Rushville Republican

June 18, 2013

Commissioners act on road measures

Frank Denzler
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The Rush County Commissioners met this week and were faced with a brief agenda.

Rush County Highway Superintendant Jerry Sitton said that the county will realize more funding from the state for county road projects. According to Sitton, the county will receive roughly $500,000; that’s an increase from the $300,000 received during 2012. Sitton said the additional monies were a result of more accurate figures utilized by state officials.

In an unrelated matter, Sitton presented commissioners Bruce Levi, Mark Bacon and Ken Masters the final right of way document regarding the INDOT Carthage Pike road improvement project. The document will allow the county to rent property in the vicinity of Woods Campground for $3,750 for the remaining duration of the road project that is slated for completion in 2014.

Sitton next turned his attention to a one-mile section of CR 700N, between CR 1000W and CR 925W, that the state has not recognized as a county road and consequently has not paid Rush County for mileage on.

Sitton explained to the county leaders the one-mile section is shown and listed on county maps yet for some reason was not recognized by the state. Following a brief discussion, the county leaders noted in the minutes that the section of paved road is, in fact, a county maintained road which will allow for the Rush County to received future mileage monies.

As a member of the county employee insurance board, Sitton then turned his attention to the health plan offered to county employees. During the coming year, the employee payment plan will not change as a result of Monday’s decision for renewal of the plan.

Rush County Sheriff Jeff Sherwood was next to speak and said that after months of overcrowding the inmate count at the Rush County Jail has been reduced in recent weeks with the facility currently housing 38 inmates. Eleven inmates are serving court appointed jail time and four are being held without bond.

The sheriff’s attention next turned to the recently completed state jail inspection. According to the sheriff, as a result of new state mandates and requirements for inmates the county will have to look forward.

“We may need to look at building a new facility within the next few years,” Sherwood said.

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