Rushville Republican

August 13, 2013

Commissioners meet new APC Director

By Frank Denzler Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — The Rush County Commissioners met Monday and were introduced to the new Area Plan Commission director, Kevin Tolloty, by interim director, David Rogier.

Rogier has served the county APC and Board of Zoning Appeals for many years as a consultant and is familiar with the inner workings of the position and duties of the office.

Following the June resignation of then director Kate Meyer, Rogier was named interim director until a new director was hired.

It was announced Monday that Rogier will tutor Tolloty for the remainder of the month with the new APC director assuming his full duties Sept. 1.

In other matters, Rush County Sheriff Jeff Sherwood reported the inmate count at the Rush County Jail is the lowest it has been in some time, with 34 individuals currently housed at the facility.

Sherwood explained that the Indiana Department of Correction relocated a number of prisoners last week, which helped to alleviate the over-crowding problem experienced in recent months.

Sherwood next turned his attention to a recently completed jail staff analysis and jail inspection. After giving each of the county leaders a copy of the independent findings, Sherwood said the study would be discussed publicly at Wednesday’s Rush County Council meeting.

Commissioner Bruce Levi shared EMS run reports from three of the county’s ambulance services. During July, Raleigh EMS responded to 19 calls; Carthage, 16; and Rush Memorial Hospital made 103 medical runs.

Rush County Highway Superintendent Jerry Sitton was next to speak and revisited an issue from the July15 meeting regarding the idea of placing four-way stop signs at two locations in the county: the intersections of CR 365E and CR 450S and at CR 250E and CR 450S.

According to Sitton, neither of the intersections meets requirements regarding blind spots to approaching traffic, past history of accidents or residential homes in the area.

“At the intersection of CR 250E and CR 450S there have only been two accidents in the past five years and both of those were reported since the U.S. 52 road project began earlier this summer,” Sitton said.

He continued by saying that the protocol on placement of four-way stop signage states that an intersection must have had at least five accidents during a 12 month period.

Acting on Sitton’s report and recommendation, the commissioners voted to not place new signage at the aforementioned locations.

In a final matter, Verlin Custer of Raleigh Fire Department, said that currently the rural fire department utilizes two ambulances, one which is 18 years old and a second that is 25 years old. One of the vehicles will be taken out of service in the near future for maintenance issues, he said, and the department will be unable to provide mutual aid for up to three weeks or until the ambulance is placed back in service.

“We will have one unit to respond to our area and that will be no problem. However we will be unable to provide mutual aid to other departments,” Custer said.

Custer also said it may be time to replace one of the vehicles and if so he may approach the county for acquiring a loan as a means to gain necessary funding.