Rushville Republican

February 18, 2013

Taking it on the chin for math

Marianne Scott
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Webster definition for the word challenge is “to confront or defy boldly.” So, when Jack St. Clair’s third grade math class at Rushville Elementary School West challenged the sixth grade class to a Math Challenge it was, “Game on!”

The ultimate goal was to see who could complete the most math problems successfully in 60 minutes. A trophy and bragging rights were at stake.

As if those incentives weren’t enough, St. Clair agreed to let the class shave his mustache and chin if his class won.

The third grade math class excelled by solving 1,244 problems successfully compared to the sixth grade class’s completion of 579 problems during the 60 minute time frame.

“This class rose to the occasion and met the challenge in a big way. This is an awesome group of kids that have worked really hard," St. Clair said.

"While this challenge was certainly about math, the bigger picture was a group understanding just how great they can be and that they should never settle for less than their best. This is just the beginning, and I have every belief that they’ll step it up next year and do even greater things. These are your future doctors and Senators, and most certainly the future of Rushville,” he continued.

The ultimate reward recently was carried out as the class was afforded the opportunity to shave off their teacher's mustache and goatee.

This in itself was somewhat momentous, for this facial feature had graced the face of Jack St. Clair for over 10 years!

Each and every student got the opportunity to do a bit of shaving; the end result was a very cleanshaven Jack St. Clair.

Who knew! Math + a Challenge + Chin Hair could = Learning At Its Best?

(Marianne Scott is the Legacy Fund director and information officer for Rush County Schools.)